by Balco

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Truly a photographer's son, this Boston-based musician aims to capture individual moments within his life while adding his own spin. Stylistically diverse, yet tongue-in-cheek, "Balco" is a diary of the many minds of Brian Coleman.


Art provided by Trent Holbrook, Glenn Coleman, and Sarah Dang

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released 10 August 2014



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Balco Boston, Massachusetts

A Boston-based musician currently attending Berklee College of Music; a jazz trumpeter gone rogue, dabbling in the wild world of synthesizers; a lonely soul who wants to participate in this fast-approaching future.

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Track Name: Here In My Head
Drowning in songs that lost their lyrics
I'm wondering what there is to fear, it's
Here in my head
Here in my head

Heard a voice but the source never appeared,
I'll blind myself just to make them easy to hear, they're
Here in my head
Here in my head
Track Name: Apology
I’m harboring a voice with a vengeance
full of words which were never intended
to be performed for fear of dependence
on your approval that I’d need to defend when

you stop to listen to the words I’m spittin’
and uncover the disguise which I’m trying to blind you with
hoping to God, just hope you don’t mind it when
you uncover the child I suppressed inside myself

A defense mechanism, sidesteppin’ criticism
I preemptively avoid cuz you can’t understand my woids
“What’d he say?” Something profound I’m sure, so self-assured
while he chokes all the words out.

It’s a struggle and my flow will suffer greatly
since a million miles an hour seems to come innately,
but personally I value clarity over quantity,
so, let me speak the rest of this song somewhat calmly.

There’s so much I want to say, but so little time;
a cliché – maybe – but the moment’s passed with that last rhyme.
I want to share my thoughts, but the question is which -
the answer crossed my mind when I slapped that pitch

Apologize, I know exactly what for
how about my tendency to make getting me a chore
Family, friends, and every esteemed guest
I wanna say I’m sorry for not speaking my best

Yeah, I know, it could be worse but,
I’m struggling with the simplest words
Apologizing to the mirror hurts,
though they’re the words that I always deserved